After completing the application form and attaching all necessary supporting documents, having saved your application regularly, you are recommended to save it as a Pdf File (menu item).


Before you are able to submit your application, you will need to click on Check Saved Project in the left-hand menu to activate the automatic checks. If any issues are found, such as missing or wrong data, you will need to correct this before you can save and check it again. Only after all checks are okay, you will be able to submit your application by pushing the Submit checked project button. Note: it is your responsibility to ensure that the data is correct according to the Programme Manual.


After submission, you as the Lead Applicant will receive an automatic email confirmation. Once submitted you are not able to make further changes to your application.


Note: You can submit the application until 23:59 on the date of the call deadline, Copenhagen time (CET). Please take time zone differences into account!