To enter information about the partnership, click on Add new partner. To add associated partners, click on Add associated partner. Sub partners are added inside a project partner.


Note: after entering and saving a partner, you need to click on the tab “Partners” to get back to the list view to be able to add additional partners.



Programme Manual section

Partner … (autonumber)

Partner Role in the Project

The first partner created is automatically assigned the role of the Lead Partner. Subsequent partners are automatically assigned the role of project partner.




Partner Name

State partner name in the original language


Partner Name English

State partner name in English



Abbreviation of the partner name



Indicate if applicable




Select the relevant programme partner country from the list.

Note: If the partner is located outside the programme area, please tick the box “From All Regions”

Table 1 - List of eligible regions


Select the relevant NUTS region



Select the relevant sub region


Street + House number

Enter street name + house number


Postal Code + City

Enter Postal Code + City



Enter the organisation’s website URL


Legal and Financial Information

Type of Partner

Select the relevant type of partner


Small or Medium Enterprise

Select Yes if the partner is an SME


Legal Status

Select if the organisation is public or private.

Note: the legal status should be supported by a Legal Status Assessment Template.


Co Financing Source

Select the relevant funding source:

  • ERDF for Member State partners inside the programme area
  • ERDF20 for partners from outside the programme area
  • ERDFe NO for Norwegian partners
  • ERDFe IS for Icelandic partners
  • ERDFe FO for Faroese partners
  • ERDFe GL for Greenlandic partners

Table 8 – Funding Sources NPA 2014-2020

Co Financing% (max = xx%)

Enter the correct intervention rate.

Note: The maximum rate for the selected funding source is visible between brackets. For Norwegian partners, the grant rate should be changed to maximum 50%. For Icelandic partners, the grant rate should be changed to maximum 60%.


Vat Number

Enter VAT Number or similar for the organisation.


Recover Vat

Indicate if the organisation is able to recover VAT or not.

Note: if the organization is not able to recover VAT, this must be supported by a VAT statement, such as a statement from the tax authority or a signed letter from the partner organisation, etc


Legal Representative


Type title



Type name


Last Name

Type last name


E-mail Address

Type e-mail



Enter telephone number


Contact Person 


Type title



Type name


Last Name

Type last name


E-mail Address

Type e-mail



Enter telephone number


Experiences of Partner

What are the organisation's competences and experiences relevant for the project? Include role in the project.


Other International Projects

If applicable, please list other EU co-financed projects or other international projects the organisation has participated in and/or managed.


Add Sub partner

State name, project role and budget


Public Procurement Status

Please indicate if the organisation is following public procurement procedures. Answer Yes or No.