This is the starting point for the application form. The application will not be created until this first tab in the application form has been completed and saved. You will then get access to the other tabs.


After completing other sections in the application form, this tab will show a complete project summary.



Programme Manual section

Project Identification

Programme Priority:

Indicate which Priority Axis of the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme the project aligns with.


Specific Objective:

Select one specific objective your project is contributing to.


Project Acronym

Abbreviation of the project name


Project Title

State the title of the project. This will be the official name of the project during its implementation.


Project Number (autonumber)



Project Duration

State the start date and end date of project activities. Note that if approved, the formal project start date is agreed with the JS, normally within 3 months of the MC approval. The maximum project period is limited to 36 months.


Start Date

Indicate the expected start date of project activities.


End Date

Indicate the expected end date of project activities.


CAV number

For official use only


Project Summary

Short overview

This summary delivers the first impression of the project. In case the project is approved, this summary will also be used by the programme for communication purposes, therefore make sure the text will be understandable by a non-expert audience and will be informative and appealing.


Project summary in another EU language

Project summary in another EU language than English (for publication of a list of projects according to EU regulations)