Below you can find some general instructions for working in eMS.


Avoiding data loss
eMS allows you to save your work and resume a data entry session at any time, before finally submitting an application or report to the programme. However, to avoid a loss of data, please remember always to save your information before leaving a section! The save button is either in the upper left corner or at the bottom of the page. If you are filling in a longer section, we recommend that you also save the information regularly in between, in case your internet connection is lost or a technical issue occurs. Before submitting a complete application/report, it is a good idea to print a copy to PDF, using the options available in the left-hand menu or at the bottom of the page.

Command keys
As a general recommendation, please be careful using command keys to navigate in the system such as Enter, PageUp/Down, etc. Remember that you are working in a browser, and these commands may interfere with data input or cause unexpected browser behaviour.

When copying information from other documents, such as Word or Excel files, we strongly recommend that you use command keys to enter the data. For example (Windows):
  • Ctrl + C: copy
  • Ctrl + V: paste
  • Alt + Tab: switching between open programs/documents

Input fields
Certain fields are mandatory, and in these cases, a form or report cannot be saved unless these fields contain information. eMS will highlight missing fields with a notification at the top of the page.

Please note that certain text input fields have a limited number of characters. These limits have been set by the JS or are system limitations. If you try to input a longer text into such a field, you may experience that the text will be cut or that you may not be able to paste the text. Please adapt your text accordingly.

The maximum size for uploading documents in eMS is 2 MB.